SSRMC lectures in Web Scraping, HT 2014

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Welcome to Web Scraping.

This site contains links to the slides for the course Web Scraping: Digital Data Collection for the Humanities and Social Sciences, conducted in Hilary Term 2014 at the University of Cambridge, hosted by the Social Sciences' Research Methods Centre (SSRMC), and taught by Rolf Fredheim

Talk for Cambridge R group

The slides for the 2015 version of the course will be posted here

Lectures 2015

Session 1: Introduction to Digital Data Collection

Session 2: Digging Deeper

Session 2: Programming Extras

Session 3: Data collection, the hard way

Slides from 2014

The course is being be re-written for 2014/15, and will include an introductory session on working with text in R. The slides below are provided for reference, and will be updated or replaced in due course

Session 1: Introduction to Web Scraping

Session 2: Digging deeper

Session 3: Scaling up

Session 4: Working with APIs